Meeting Room

The Southwest Georgia Regional Library System encourages educational, civic, cultural, and governmental groups to use our meeting rooms for non-profit purposes.

The Georgia Department of Education, Division of Public Library Services, requires that the multi-purpose rooms in the buildings they assist with funding abide by the following regulations:

  1. No meetings are held in them for the purpose of making money, or by any money-making groups or to train or demonstrate to their advantages.
  2. That no person or group of persons books it for more than a month at a time, such as a club booking it for a year on the second Thursday of each month. Gray areas should be referred to the Southwest Georgia Regional Library System Board of Trustees.
  3. No rentals or charges for room allowed except: can charge for cleaning after a meeting and lights, if desired.

Full Meeting Room Policy
Decatur County
Gilbert H. Gragg Library
Miller County
James W. Merritt, Jr.
Memorial Library
Seminole County
Public Library