Classic Film Fridays

Film Fridays 2

Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library is hosting Classic Film Fridays on the first Friday of the each month at 10AM. These films are all made prior to 2000. The films may be rated G, PG, PG-13, or NR for older films prior to the rating system. Viewer discretion is advised.
June 7 - The Sandlot
Sandlot A young boy moves to a new neighborhood where he is taken in by a group of local baseball players. The new gang of friends finds themselves caught in many adventures; including getting a prized ball back from the menacing neighborhood dog.
July 5 - Gidget
During the summer of her 17th birthday, a cute and perky California girl develops an interest in surfing, but chafes over the fact that she would rather ride the waves with the guys than date them. The film spawned big-screen sequels, a few TV series and a number of TV-movies.
August 2 - Trouble with Angels
Trouble with Angels
Two mischievous students make a nuisance of themselves at a convent boarding school run by a head nun who has a devil of a time dealing with the unholy duo as they engage in pranks and practical jokes on fellow students and faculty. The 1966 film spawned a sequel, 1967's "Where Angels Go...Trouble Follows," with Rosalind Russell reprising her role as the Mother Superior.